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Voice-Guided Vision Work


 Healing and Health

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Voice-Guided Vision Work is healing work that uses the awareness state of meditation and guided imagery. 

The approach is gentle, and brings  deep and focused healing to the emotional self.

The work shifts patterns, updates the emotional brain, and restores overall balance. 

Healing Sessions and Emotional Trigger Treatments

I offer two different types of healing sessions.

There are the general sessions, and sessions using Emotional Trigger Treatment (ETT). ETT is a specific protocol for lifting or reducing the emoti0nal triggers that can cause us to overreact. 

General healing sessions can resolve old events, clear and replace outgrown patterns, and retrieve and strengthen personal energy.  We deal with depression, anxiety, phobias, food, sugar, and weight challenges, stuckness --anything that is holding you back. We may explore and resolve (or at least reduce!) an inner conflict, bring clarity to a situation, and facilitate decision-making. Clients discover next steps, see how to implement them, and emerge with a strengthened sense of purpose and balance. 


Emotional Trigger Treatment sessions reduce or eliminate the triggers that push the emotions and the nervous system into over-reacting.


Emotions like anger, guilt, and shame, and ongoing conditions like anxiety, depression, grief, phobias, and PTSD can all intrude and push us beyond control, and end up coloring much of our lives.  


Using the techniques of memory reconsolidation and the protocol of Emotional Trigger Treatment, we complete old events for brain and nervous system, replace damaging core beliefs, and reduce or eliminate outgrown behaviors that may have been carried forward.  It becomes possible to live fully in the present.

See also for more information on ETT. 

And there is more about both kinds of VoiceGuided VisionWork sessions below. 

Healing Sessions

The healing sessions move the client into a state of mind that is very similar to that of meditation,  

The work is unique to each individual, and each session is different. 

Sessions are usually about 1.5 hours.

 Stress Relief

Rebalance and Recharge 

Simple stress-relief session to rebalance and recharge. Clear out fatigue and tension, allow the whole self to rest and restore. Move ahead in greater lightness and clarity.

Even when we are not aware of the beginnings, the past can intrude into the present, layering in emotions and even physical conditions, and keeping us stuck in outgrown patterns.


Regression work allows you to discover recurring themes, find the origins of patterns, blocks, and fears, clear what is no longer serving, and replace that with updated insight and approaches.  

When should you do this? 

  • Whenever something feels stuck, or old, or outgrown


  • Whenever there is an ongoing physical or emotional pattern that is old and outdated.


  • When you are ready to get to the bottom of feeling stuck, and are ready to clear and reformulate 

Regression Work 

Focused Healing Session

This session focuses on any special issue or concern - A way to approach and lift or reduce depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, sleep trouble. We replace old patterns with new settings. Updates and upgrades. 

Emotional Triggers Treatment (ETT)

Clears or Reduces Emotional Triggers 

ETT is done as a short series of 2-5 sessions that lift or reduce the emotional triggers and imprints that can be left after disturbing events. The Emotional Triggers Treatment protocol uses guided imagery to lead the emotional brain to drain the charge from old events that may be intrusive. ETT allows the brain to refile those events, without the old charge.


ETT is used to minimize or eliminate feelings of anger, guilt, shame, depression, anxiety that can push us into reactions and behaviors that don't match situations in the present.  The treatment protocol clears the emotional brain, clearing trauma imprints and lingering PTSD, so that we begin to live in the present with greater clarity and ease, without the intrusion of old reactions. 


 We do a single intake session and one or sometimes more work sessions. One work session is often enough. We usually wait 4-6 weeks after the first work session to assess the shifts that have been put in place. We find that often those around our clients notice the changes before the clients do, as the greatest shift is a new absence - clients are no longer getting triggered or "overreacting" the way they might have in the past.

Triggers Treatment Session

Treatment Session(s)


The Treatment Session(s) use guided imagery exercises that lead the emotional brain to complete and then refile disturbing events and connected emotions, such as anger, guilt, shame, chronic anxiety, and depression.


Once the deep residues are cleared, the old drivers no longer run the emotional brain. The triggers are reduced or dissolved, and old reactions no longer invade the present, making it possible to move forward with ease and clarity.  


Triggers Treatment Intake

The Intake Session is a discussion about current emotional responses that are overwhelming, uncomfortable, may not serve, and may be better eliminated for greater comfort and ease going forward. 


We note the possible beginnings of these feelings, recognizing they have been carried forward from the past and are affecting the present. 


This is the old material we clear in the Treatment Session.


Full Circle Health Center 

210 W Las Cruces Ave 

Las Cruces NM 

Jen Agosta MD CHT

Jennifer Agosta MD combines training in internal medicine with work in holistic traditions and body-mind-spirit healing.

A trauma-informed practitioner, trained in Emotional Trigger Treatment and the techniques of Memory Reconsolidation, she has also been a certified hypnotherapist since 2010 (CHT).


Her Voice-Guided Vision Work uses guided imagery and the awareness state of meditation for reaching, clearing and healing a wide spectrum of body-mind concerns, and for emotional triggers treatment. 


Dr Jen is at Full Circle Health Center and also works with the internal medicine residency program at Mountain View Regional Medical Center in Las Cruces.

Always deeply connected to the plant kingdom, she has a yard full of herbs and flowers. 


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