Mission &Methodology

Mission & Methodology


Mission and Mini-Bio of VoiceGuidedVisionWork LLC


VoiceGuided VisionWork LLC offers a space to clear and heal beyond the physical realms, reaching into deeper causes to bring about deeper balance.


I began this work in 2010, a couple of years after I finished residency in internal medicine. Looking for ways of linking body and mind, I trained in hypnotherapy while I worked in Silver City, NM. Since then, VoiceGuided VisionWork has grown, and I trained further in regression work, inner child work, became a “trauma-informed practitioner,” and did workshops in body-mind psychotherapy and movement. All of these added to my “service toolbox,” so that gradually I was able to address a wider and wider variety of questions and concerns. 


Most recently, I have added Emotional Triggers Treatment (ETT) to VoiceGuidedVisionWork, as practiced by Catherine Warnock, MA, LPCC, here in Las Cruces, NM.  ETT and VoiceGuided VisionWork both use the principles and techniques of memory reconsolidation, an approach that allows the emotional brain to close and refile old events that have been interfering with present-day responses. For more information on this, see Methodology below, and see emotionaltriggerstreatment.com . 


With VoiceGuided VisionWork, we can address a wide range of blocks, challenges, and patterns, bringing each client into greater ease and clarity. 




Vision Work sessions are a kind of quest, or journey. We use guided imagery and we usually have a specific healing focus. The techniques are based on what is now called Memory Reconsolidation work, which is very similar to what used to be known as Regression Work. 


Each session starts with a discussion about the patterns or concerns the client wishes to shift or close, and the session has that specific focus. One person may want just stress release, while someone else may want to get to the origins of an old pattern,  or the focus may be lifting or reducing emotional triggers. All of these use similar techniques. 


After discussion, we usually do a brief relaxation session (10-15 minutes) that brings the mind and the body into the same kind of calm, clear  state that meditation brings. In fact, the “brain state” for guided imagery work is the same brain state as that of meditation (a slow wave state, made up of predominantly theta waves). It is a state that allows an inward focus, and allows us to work with the emotional brain. 



After the brief relaxation, we move into the “work phase.” Here we may follow feelings (depression, anxiety, anger, guilt) back to their very beginning for resolution and shift. The opening of inward vision allows us to reach places where we are stuck, and resolve those old situations. When clients are already aware of the origins of a pattern or emotion that is stuck, we may go right to closing out the old situation so that emotional triggers and interference from past events begin to lift. 


How does this work? There is new research data that has begun to explain how voice-guided imagery can have such a great effect.


We know now that we can actually guide the emotional brain to reprocess old emotions, and close the events that generated them. While the techniques have actually been around for a long time, and long used in hypnotherapy, it is just recently that neurobiology has begun to explain why this works. 


We know now, also, that if we “open” a memory in the emotional brain just enough so that the memory is “activated”  (we feel its charge) — but not activated so much that we go into a Fight-or-Flight response, we have a window of about 2-5 hours in which we can actually complete, close, and refile old material. 


Because the emotional brain works by means of images (and sounds and smells), guided imagery exercises allow the brain and the nervous system to complete past issues so that their emotional impact is lifted or reduced.


Whether we are working with specific emotional triggers, or looking for the original kernel of an emotion, behavior, or pattern, we use these same principles of Memory Reconsolidation. 


Just a short note on physical health and VoiceGuided VisionWork: since so much of the body’s health is connected with emotional experience, linking with the emotional self can bring understanding and the possibility for change regarding physical health concerns. Ongoing abdominal pain that nobody can find the cause of, overeating, undereating, chronic headaches, trouble sleeping — these issues sometimes have roots in the emotions, and they too can be eased by receiving and working with the information that our deeper awareness has to offer. 

Each session is unique, and at the same time, each session brings the client into a deepened awareness state that allows both recognition and resolution of core concerns.resolution of core concerns.