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Catch Up and Intro to Guest Blog: Emma Grace Brown

Hello Everybody - what a while it’s been since I’ve written anything for the site !

I guess that's clear to anybody who looks at the dates 😁

Changes and adjustments all around, of course … plus I’ve been taking extra time for reflection and contemplation of my own. Wonderfully enough, I’ve been able to spend lots of time out at the edge of the mountains here in Las Cruces, in the canyons and foothills, hearing the languages of the wind and the light and now a new earth language, feeling the harmonics and seeing what’s printed on the air.

What’s brought me back to work on the site (and down into 3D) is Emma Grace Brown, who contacted me wanting to write a Guest Blog !

She’s written a fabulous one about the greater-than-ever need for self-care and attention to what’s pushing our buttons during these times. We are certainly receiving a good look in the mirror these days, and an opportunity for deepening our balance….

Take a look at the Guest Blog, courtesy of Emma Grace Brown, written here, and be sure to check out her site as well,

May you all, each and every one of you, walk in calmness - talk to you soon.




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