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Getting Out of Stuckness

Hello and welcome to the VisionWork Posts!

Here I am going to talk about how VisionWork can help us shift and get things moving when we feel stuck.

First let’s talk about what the stuck feeling is about in the first place.

Stuck comes when we’re in a rut, when day-to-day routine or deeper personal patterns seem to be keeping us in repetitive motion, when we’ve lost vitality and openness, and lost the sense of development and unfolding in our lives. We get to feeling dull, frustrated, irritable, uncomfortable -

The good news is that feeling stuck is actually just a call to action. Whew.

Things feel dull and repetitive when we are ready for change. So feeling stuck gives us a chance - yes, pushes us - to poke our heads up and look around, and ask ourselves some good nourishing questions.

Questions like:

“What exactly is the piece of things that seems stuck?”

“What do I want instead?”

“How can I get there?”

“What is keeping me from getting there?”

“What can I do about that part - can I go around, or through ?”

When we have answers to questions like this, we've got a road map, a plan, and steps to take.

Sometimes though, we can even get stuck in the questions.

In fact, any one of these questions be rough to answer, and that’s the problem.

We may not even know what part of things is gummed up, and we may have no idea what we want instead - and this is especially true for those who have not had much opportunity to choose for themselves....

As far as getting there goes, even the first steps can be cloudy. And so on.

The good news here, though, is that part of us - part of you - does actually have a lot to say here.

It’s just a matter of letting that part come through.

And that’s where VisionWork can come in. VoiceGuided VisionWork allows us to access the part of ourselves that is a lot wiser than the everyday self, and wiser than the logical mind.

Linking with a true self and a higher awareness allows answers to questions like this to come through.

We can ask any of those questions, and receive guidance, direction, a knowing.

In this state of awareness, we can also recognize blocks that may in our way, and we can clear those blocks.

We can see how old wounds may be what is keeping us stuck, and we can do healing work, so that the way is cleared.

Welcome to VoiceGuided VisionWork!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a time to talk.

Walk in wellness, walk in beauty.

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