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Introducing Voice-Guided Vision Work

For the first blog here, I want to introduce Voice-Guided Vision Work, and explain a little bit about why it works so well.

The first thing to say is that Vision Work sessions are essentially guided imagery sessions that are done in a meditative state, where we link and align the everyday mind and the emotional self. The sessions have a a specific focus - even if that is just stress release! Or the focus might be getting to the origins of an old pattern, and clearing and healing that. In this way, Vision Work sessions are often a kind of quest, or journey.

This is a little different from traditional meditation, which I would say tends more toward “allowing” things to arise, and asks us to then let those things go, instead of following them back to the beginning for resolution. Both meditation and Vision Work bring us into a relaxed and calm state, with a heightened awareness of the inside self, and less attention to the outside world. The opening of the emotional self in Vision Work allows us to reach, resolve, and shift beyond blocks in ourselves.

When we do take the journey to locate blocks or get to the roots of challenges, we often find an unrecognized conflict. We may not be agreeing with ourselves: part of us may have reasons for holding onto a pattern or a belief, so we find we can’t get out of our own way - our projects and intentions keep getting sabotaged, and we can’t quite figure out why…though we may know on some level, it’s us….This work can illuminate those kinds of conflicts and “inner objections,” and allow us to recognize and resolve the discord or hesitation.

Old emotions, left from past experiences and past situations, may also get in the way of clear thinking and clear feelings. Ongoing anxiety and depression, for example, often come out of imprints left in the emotional brain. This is often true for those who had to handle rough times growing up. That kind of situation can train the emotional brain and the nervous system to react in certain ways - and these ways may have been great solutions, or useful at that time, but may not be so useful anymore. Anger and guilt, and shame, are often part of this bundle.

We know now that we can actually guide the emotional brain to reprocess those emotions, and close the events that generated them. Guided imagery exercises allow the brain and the nervous system to complete past issues so that their charge is drained and the emotional imprint is reduced or eliminated. Many of the healing sessions work this way. The Trigger Treatment sessions work this way too. Because the Trigger Treatment sessions are structured a little differently than the other sessions, they can address several issues at once, making them a good fit for PTSD.

Linking up with the emotional self can bring insight to physical health as well, since so much of the body’s health is connected with emotional experience. Ongoing abdominal pain that nobody can seem to find the cause of, too much appetite, too little appetite, headaches, trouble sleeping -often these, too, have roots in the emotions, and can be lifted and eased by receiving the information that our deeper awareness has to offer.

I love this work - it is real, it is individual, and each session is unique. I invite you to contact me with any questions you may have, or to schedule a time to talk.

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