My journey of healing through hypnotherapy with Dr. Jennifer Agosta has been AMAZING! She has the innate ability to guide you to discovery your deepest healing.
One particular session, I desired to figure out how to best learn a part for a monologue. I discovered I was a kinesthetic person. Therefore would need to move to learn. It helped me with my performance on stage.

Another session, a past life was unveiled to me .
That helped me heal a particular relationship.

I highly recommend Dr. Jennifer to guide you through your healing journey.

Suzanne T, chiropractor

“I saw Dr. Agosta for some hypnotherapy to help me with my severe trust issues I was having in my relationship. It was a powerful session as she moved me through a self guided soul journey where I was able to release some of my deep emotional blocks and open up to a new level of loving in a partnership. In the days and weeks that followed I observed a noticeable shift in how my overall emotional state was much improved and strengthened. Highly recommend!”

Lea S, Reiki Master and Healer 

The best way to describe Dr. Agosta and her work is magical. She is truly gifted in her craft as she weaves in layers of various modalities to help you remember just how beautiful you are. Her heart shines in her work in every way and lights a path towards a deeper connection to yourself.

Through my time with her I have uncovered traumas and a story line that was no longer serving me or true. She has lovingly guided me to release and replace that story through hypnosis and energy work.

This has been transformational for me and I am profoundly grateful to have found her. This work has led me to reconnecting with my inner child and my true self. It has allowed me to remember just how worthy I am to be loved.

Michelle M, Professional / LISW